Frequent Asked Questions


1What services does Supreme Metal Works (SMW) offer?
Supreme Metal Works (SMW) specializes in manufacturing precision CNC machined components and Tube Fittings, serving various industries such as aerospace, automotive, and more.
2Where is Supreme Metal Works (SMW) located ?
We are based in Mumbai, India with a global presence and the capability to serve clients in the Middle East, USA, European countries, and India.
3What types of Tube Fittings do you manufacture?
We manufacture Single & Double ferrule tube fittings in Stainless steel or exotic materials, conforming to international standards and customer specifications.
4Which industries do you serve with your CNC machined components?
Supreme Metal Works (SMW) manufactures components as per customers' specifications catering to a range of cross dimensional industries like machine building, mould manufacutring, defense engineering, heavy engineering, aerospace, oil and gas, and contract manufacturing for all genres of engineering.
5Can you provide examples of your notable accomplishments?
Supreme Metal Works (SMW) is proud to be associated with all major engineering feats achieved by the Indian industries. The details can be viewed in our presentation which can be mailed to you on request.
6What is your approach to quality assurance and inspection?
At Supreme Metal Works (SMW) we maintain a 360-degree inspection process, ensuring that every component goes through rigorous quality checks at every stage, from raw material receipt to final shipment.
7Are your manufacturing processes ISO certified?
Yes, our company is ISO 9001:2008 certified, and we adhere to ISO13485 mandates, ensuring strict compliance with quality standards.
8How do you ensure the quality of your Tube Fittings?
We conduct regular in-house type tests to ensure the consistency of our products.
9What is your approach to quality improvement?
We do a regular audit of our in-house quality systems to provide a defect-free product to our clients on time and every time.
10How can I request a quote or get in touch with Supreme Metal Works (SMW)
You can easily get in touch with us or request a quote through our website or by contacting our customer support team. We are here to assist you with your CNC machining and Tube Fittings requirements.