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About Supreme Metal Works (SMW)

Supreme Metal Works (SMW) was established in 1996. The Motivating force behind setting up of this company was to ensure comprehensive technical approach and a thorough knowledge of engineering. Right from its inception, Supreme Metal Works (SMW) has only catered to high precision engineering components. Leading engineering companies of India have worked with Supreme Metal Works (SMW) to source their precision requirements and we have delivered on time and reliability without any exceptions.

We are proud to have been associated with leading proud engineering moments of Indian technical marvels and still continue it further. From Die making industry to aircrafts, we have catered to all aspects of engineering and in the process have built a vast experience bank. This has further helped us to give more attention to detail and technical finesse.

We comfort constructors to ease their business by providing them technical support.


To manufacture and supply the highest quality precision engineering components in India with world-class standards.


We aim to be the preferred choice for engineering companies in a cross section of industries globally for their outsourcing requirements.

Core Value

We encourage and motivate lateral and an innovative approach in our team members to focus on the right quality and manufacturing standards.


We have an evolving QA process which ensures that every component made in Supreme Metal Works (SMW) conforms to industry norms and client expectations.

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Years of Experience




Successful projects

Why us?

In-house Setup

Supreme Metal Works (SMW) has a complete manufacturing facility ranging from conventional to CNC controlled machines and equipment. From prototypes to mass productions-we have the ability to manufacture and inspect all the components and ensure the right product to our clients.

Dedicated Experience Team

Our team of trained and experienced technical personnel have adequate skills to solve the most complex of critical requirements. They are regularly exposed to various new insights of manufacturing technology and management systems.

Quality System

Our focus is on rigorous inspection of every component produced. They should meet all industrial benchmarks with 100% precision output.

Licensed Software

We have licensed in-house software for various machining purposes like CAD/CAM, 2-axis and 3-axis milling, turning, and roughing.

Integrated Engineering

We can extract the technical data of existing design information and utilize it to recreate the machine component with 100% accuracy. We can do short production runs as well as high volume part production.

No limitation on design

We have experience transforming complex geomaterial designs to 100% functional and working parts. We can work with diverse shapes, materials, or size. You can rely on us for ± .0002 in, ±.005 mm standard tolerance levels.

Esteemed Clients