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Ferrule Tube Fittings Manufacturer & Supplier in India

Supreme Metals comfort constructors to ease their business by providing various engineering solutions

Tube Fittings

At Supreme Metal Works, we produce high quality single and double ferrule compression fittings for a range of industrial applications. Our tube fittings provide totally safe and 100% leak-proof fittings for piping used in instrumentation, hydraulic, pneumatic and gas systems. Other applications include oil, SWASS panels, hook-up, and chemical flow.

All fittings are designed to offer maximum protection to the tube, without any harm to the tube wall. This way, all fittings conform to the tolerance levels of the tube’s thickness, hardness and dimensions.

The fittings are compatible and inter-operable with leading brands and manufactured in stainless Steel and exotic materials.

Our core manufacturing strength lies in our understanding of the product and the available technology to deliver a world class product. We also have a wide distribution network in alliance with our flagship company which makes our products available globally and within reach of our clients.

We have a qualified team of inspection personnel along with state of the art equipment to measure, record and maintain traceability reports.

Supreme Metal Works also supplies other instrumentation options like Valves, Manifolds Condensate pots, Air headers, Air distribution pots, Flanges and Tubes. These are elementary options for Instrumentation Hook ups and help our customers to get a complete yet economic package. All our supplies are provided with inspection and validity certifications.